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The Color of Broken

 by Amelia Grace


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A dark secret ...


Yolande Lawrence-Harrison was hiding a dark secret. She'd returned to her
hometown of Tarrin to help her ailing grandmother in Flowers for Fleur,
where she had to put her engineering career aside to learn the science of
flower art.

A note ...

As Yolande fussed with the pale pink roses in the basket of her grandmother’s
1950s Schwinn Cruiser bicycle, she discovered a note. Yolande fumed at the
pitiful manners and pure arrogance of the wording, and after numerous
exchanges, she became irritated by the persistent, annoying, pig-headed,
obstinate human being who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Beware ...

But when Alexander Parker walked into Flowers for Fleur, her thoughts
scattered. However, she refused to inhale the alluring potion he offered. She
could see through his projected façade, where his perfection was a practised
deceit. She wondered, if she could see through his pretence, could he see
through hers? Could he see that she was damaged, hiding a past that ate
away at her core allowing the darkness to engulf what was left of her inner
light. Could he see that she was the color of broken?

Run ...

Yolande wanted to run. Away from the flowers. Away from Alexander
Parker. But she couldn’t. Her grandmother’s life was fading as she battled the incurable Meniere's disease, and Yolande needed to choose whether to fight her past or not, ultimately exposing her inner demons,

in order to save her grandmother and herself from the same fate.


100% of sales from this novel will be donated to research for Meniere's disease at the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre.

The Color of Broken by Amelia Grace - US version

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