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An Upper Young Adult/New Adult Novel by Amelia Grace

Courage, temperance, wisdom, justice, patience...

Kaden repeated the words sealing them into the depths of his consciousness, finding comfort, and solace. For four hundred years he had been trapped on the Earth sphere engaged as an Earth human, plagued by physical torment, chained to the laws of gravity and craving to return to the Light. To freedom. To love. He took a deep breath and stared at the hovering blue energy mass before he lifted his hand to it, then watched as the fourth state of matter arced to his finger tips like bolts of lightning. His fingertips tingled under the warmth until the plasma retreated back into the glowing blue energy. Then gravity forced his hand to drop beside him. He thought of Miss Finnigan. She had what he wanted. He could smell it. He could feel it, vibrating in perfect harmony with the universe. It sang to his soul like agonized poetry, reminding him of what I he didn't have. And he wanted it. Now. But … she was forbidden. Their DNA could never absorb each other, cell to every beautiful cell, harmonizing in a melody only he could hear, unless, he found the missing piece to his immortality that would free him. He sighed. He wondered how long he would be subjected to this living nothingness cut off from his spiritual homeland. And besides … time was running out. If he didn't find the last piece of the mystery, he would remain an immortal until the end of earth time, bound to the eternal physical torture of the human body. Time was running out. The curse was closing in … and his Protector was becoming ... impatient.


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