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A Beautiful Heart Quadrilogy Book 1
by Amelia Grace

Upper Young Adult/ New Adult contemporary romance

One Last Wish

One house.
One last wish.
One secret...
I wish I had never locked eyes with Ben. He made my lavender rose heart explode into a thousand blooms, and infused me with a hypnotic potion of floral and fruity fragrances that resonated in perfect harmony with his being.
I wish ... love at first sight ... did not exist.
I wish I hadn't entered the wrought iron gate on that fateful day. I should have fled when I was attacked by the black crow of war and death.
And I wish … I hadn't met Nic. Beautiful Nic. He pushed me into my fearscape, then left. Just like that.
Gran said I wouldn't get hurt.
She was right. How do you feel the hurt when it is so painful you become numb?
One house.
One last wish.
One shattered heart.


One Last Wish

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