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Letters to Meniere's Disease

A global project, raising money and awareness to find a cure for Meniere’s Disease ©2023

Lilly Pilly Publishing, in partnership with Julieann Wallace, Heather Davies, Steve Schwier & Anne Elias,

is proud to invite you to submit letters and artwork for a most inspiring, and satisfyingly revengeful book, 

Letters to Meniere’s Disease. 

What would you say to Meniere’s disease in a letter?


Anything goes in this collection of letters. Would you give it a piece of your mind? Would you thank someone? Would you thank Meniere’s disease for a new career pathway, or for helping you discover a talent you never would have found? Have you had funny moments?


We’re looking for letters and artwork that are humorous, quirkysoul-stirringgritty, raw and angry
Dig deep and write from your heart. No letters or artwork will be rejected. 


Your Letter

Is it Meniere’s disease in general you would address your letter to, or is there a particular symptom that you would like to address it to:


  • Dear Meniere’s Disease,

  • Dear Vertigo,

  • Dear Hearing Loss,

  • Dear Brain Fog,

  • Dear Left Ear, etc


Is it a letter to yourself, before you were diagnosed with Meniere’s disease.

What would you say?

  • Dear Me, etc


Is it a letter to your family, or children?

  • To My Dearest Children,

  • To My Beloved,

  • To Mum & Dad,


Letter guidelines:


  • Word document – times new roman, size 12

  • Word count – up to 450 words maximum

  • Sign your letter with either your first name, pen name, or made up funky name – your choice, and add how long you have had Meniere's disease for.

  • You can submit multiple letters


You might compose your letter as a poem, a prayer, or a song. Be as creative as you like!

The collection of letters to Meniere’s Disease will be collated, edited, and beautifully bound

as a hard cover print book, soft cover print book, and eBook.  

Profits will be donated to Meniere’s Research to help find a cure

– multiple organisations for the donations will be chosen by the publishing team.

Your Artwork

We’re also looking for artwork relating to Meniere’s disease to include in the collection of letters:


  • Traditional mediums, drawings, paintings, sculpture, metal work, sketches, lino print etc.

  • Photography etc

  • Quilting, sewing, cake making designs, embroidery, etc

  • AI art is welcome


Entries open on 1st February 2023 and close at 9pm on 31st March 2023


For letters:

  • Letters must be emailed to

  • Please add Letters to Meniere’s disease in the subject of the email

  • Write your letter as an email, or you can attach your entry as a Word doc. Please include your name and email address to your letter (this won't be included in the book, it's just so we know who the letter is from for future reference) 

  • International submissions are welcome

  • Letter writers retain full copyright on work

  • All letters will be accepted

  • You may submit more than 1letter

For Artwork:

  • A photograph of your artwork would be great, or the digital picture. Ensure there are no shadows on your photograph, and that you photograph your artwork from either directly above the art, or directly in front of the art.

  • Be aware that we may ask you to retake the photograph, or even to refine your artwork to make it better. It's not a rejection, just a request for improvement so that the Letters and Art to Meniere's is the best it can be.

  • Emailed to 

  • Please add Art for letters to Meniere’s disease in the subject of the email

  • Please include your name, address in the body of the email (this won't be included in the book, it's just so we know who the artwork  is from for future reference)

  • International submissions are welcome

  • Artists retain full copyright of artwork

  • All artwork will be accepted

  • You may submit more than 1 artwork

Let’s make an impact to help those with Meniere's disease, and for research to find a cure. 

Lilly Pilly Publishing


To send your letter as a word document,

use this submit button.

Meet the Team



Julieann Wallace was diagnosed with Meniere's in 1995. In 2020 she received a cochlear implant. She is the author of a best selling novel with a Meniere's character, 'The Colour of Broken', twice longlisted to be made into a movie, the sequel, 'All the Colours Above', the Daily Meniere's Journal, and 'It Will Change Your Life ~ a cochlear implant journey'. 'Vanilla Swirl' and 'Blueberry Swirl' are picture books written for children who have a parent who is unwell. Julieann is currently working on her 9th novel. She donates 100% of profits from the sales of her books to Meniere's research to help find a cure, and has donated over $7,500 so far. Julieann is also a secondary teacher, artist, chocoholic, tea ninja, and tries not to scare her cat away with her terrible cello playing.    Blog – My Shadow – Meniere's (


Heather  was diagnosed with Meniere's and Vestibular Migraine in 2017, soon after she became a VeDA Ambassador to help bring awareness to vestibular disorders.   In early 2022,  Heather began the Meniere’s Muse podcast for Vestibular Warriors to share their personal journeys, in hopes that the power of connection will give hope and inspiration to others living with vestibular disorders. She believes together we find our strength by empowering each other to move forward in our journeys, by learning to lean on and support one another so no one feels alone.

Podcast can be found on most major platforms




Steve Schwier was diagnosed with Meniere's in 2012. In the month of September, 2020, Steve Schwier rode an e-bike 1,400 miles from Denver, Colorado to Columbus, Ohio to bring awareness to Meniere’s Disease. His difficult and grueling ride is chronicled in his memoir, “On the Vertigo: One Sick Man’s Journey to Make a Difference”. His ride raised more than $10,000, all of which went to Meniere’s Disease awareness and research. Steve is the founder of On the Vertigo Org - a non-profit seeking to provide community and support to those with Meniere's Disease while raising awareness and funding for research.

Instagram: @onthevertigo

Facebook: Meniere’s: On the Vertigo

On the


Anne Elias was diagnosed with Meniere's in 2015. She had no idea what Meniere's disease was then, but soon learnt, and decided to start a support group that same year. The Sydney Meniere's Support has been a wonderful success. Anne is also the instigator of Zoom Webinars for Meniere's disease. For each of the Webinars, she invites professionals from the area of Meniere's disease to give positive sources of information and crucial connections.  


Meniere's Support Group - Dizzy Anne - YouTube    Events (

Sydney Meniere's Support Group

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