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The Formatted Package 

from $1299.00 

Printing options:

After the format and design process of your book is complete:

Package 1

Lilly Pilly Publishing will print your book for you. This includes completing the book file meta data details and upload to Ingram Spark. ($$1299.00 + $99.00) 

If you sell any books at online bookstores, you will need to wait until December each year for a report on book sales, and payment into your account.

Package 2 (recommended)

Lilly Pilly Publishing will supply your print ready files to upload your book to your own Ingram Spark account. ($1299.00)

With this package, you have full control over your book and you have instant access to book sales data, and will be paid monthly, according to Ingram Spark.

Package 3

Choose your own printer to upload your book files to print. ($1299.00)  

With all 3 options, you'll receive:


  • Formatted cover files & interior files to printer specifications

  • Lilly Pilly Publishing logo, or your own publishing imprint

  • Support before, during and after the printing process

  • A Comprehensive Indie Publishing Checklist (a list of 35) for before, during and after publishing


Package Inclusions:

  • Black & white or full colour interior

  • Custom full colour front and back cover

  • Your own publishing imprint included in formatting (if you have one) 

  • Hardcover or softcover cover

  • Inclusion on Lilly Pilly Publishing online bookstore and Facebook, with links to your own websites.

  • book cover images

  • 30 sec book trailer

  • 100% rights to your book

  • 100% profits from book sales

You'll need to supply your own ISBN






Payment Plans



General Submission Information



Manuscript formatting guidelines: 

Your manuscript must be:

Typed (we recommend doc.x and PDF) 

  • 12 size font

  • Times New Roman

  • 1.5 to double spaced

  • Pages should be numbered

  • Include your name and address


Please note: Lilly Pilly Publishing will assess your MS for publishing readiness (at no cost). If your manuscript isn't quite ready for publishing yet (meaning it needs more work or professional editing), we'll let you know, as we want to help you publish a book you'll be proud of.  

Is My Story Ready?

  • Have you read lots of books in your chosen genre?

  • Does your story have a beginning, middle and end? Research story arc.

  • Does your story have a problem to be solved? If there’s no problem, it’s not a story.

  • Have you written your story - revisited it and rewritten it (many times).

  • Has your manuscript had a professional edit? 

Picture Books

The birth of a picture book goes like this -

  1. Story - and all the rewriting that goes with it.

  2. Editing.

  3. Final story.


  5. Illustrations.

The Vital Page Turn

in Picture Books

The impact of your story hinges on the placement of the page turn in keeping the attention of your readers so they are invested in your story. Have you nailed the timing of your page turn? If you’re not sure, you can find out here.

Marketing Ideas and Publishing Checklist

To sell your book, no matter the genre, you need to market it ...


Download your FREE Marketing Ideas and Publishing Checklist from the

Lilly Pilly Book Store.

Picture Books

Authors, please ensure your illustrator has:

  • the correct illustration size for your book 

  • There must be a 5mm bleed on the illustrations

  • no vital illustration components in the centre of the illustration for a double page spread. 



Editing is a vital part of the process of writing a high quality story.

Write. Edit. Rewrite. Submit.

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