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A written journal is a powerful mindfulness tool. It gives you focus, reflection, and control, and has been proven to increase activity in the brain's motor cortex, providing a meditative and therapeutic effect.


The Daily Meniere's Journal is designed to help identify triggers and patterns in your life that may cause the symptoms of Meniere's disease, each day for 3 months. Each day, you can  highlight any of the 30 symptoms you are experiencing on that day, and add your own unique symptoms, including recording the weather, food and fluid intake. There is also a place to record what you were doing on that day, as well as possible visual, physical and emotional triggers. 


Each page also has a 'What Helped Me?' section, and below that, a place to add notes, such as duration and severity of vertigo, new symptoms etc, you can even take note of whether you had a good day, celebrating victories.


Something that sets this journal apart is the 'Mindfulness' focus on each page - 'Three Things I am Thankful for Today'. Plus, I encourage you to be creative and add your own stamp to the journal ~ gluing in inspirational sayings, prayers, letters to yourself, adding your own artwork by drawing or painting over the supplied pages - it's a journal towards wellness in body and mind.


This journal is highly recommended by health professionals, for when you have to show what your Meniere's is like on a daily basis.


It's time to take back what Meniere's disease has taken from you.


It is my hope that a cure is found.


Proceeds from this journal will be donated to Meniere's research to help find a cure.

3 Month Daily Meniere's Journal

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