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A Beautiful Heart Quadrilogy Book 4
by Amelia Grace
Upper Young Adult/ New Adult contemporary romance

The Chosen One

Zedekiah. Son of the Warrior. He hated being called that with every fibre of his being. He wanted to blend in, fit in with the others … but how could he when his destiny had already been chosen for him?

His gifts were awakened earlier, though he tried to suppress them. Being different was a burden. His soul ached for deeper things, something he had to complete. Alone.

He consciously chose not to love or be loved. It was better that way. Easier ... until he met the cloaked horse rider. She irritated him. But somehow, talking to her was the most exquisite torture he'd ever suffered.

He knew their love was forbidden. It was the rule of the Council Elders. If only she could share her secret, it would change everything. The truth is a beautiful thing...



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