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The highly anticipated sequel to The Colour of Broken.

Donating profits to The University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre, where they are searching for a cure for Meniere's Disease.


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All the Colours Above


INDIGO FEATHER DANUBE is a neuroscientist studying memories, how to access them, then remove them, digitally.

One day, her parents implore her to attend a reunion at the park of her youth, where TOBIAH BROOKS dares her to climb the Jacaranda tree of her childhood. But first, she must remember who he is. They meet before sundown, with Indigo’s intention to succeed at the dare, then leave. But his intention is to win her heart. Tobiah orchestrates a secret rendezvous at the Jacaranda tree on the luminous full moon, when it’s light enough to see, but dark enough to cloak their presence.
No one could possibly know they were there once a month. Together. Alone.

Every story has a beginning. At the beginning of Indigo and Tobiah’s story, is a girl who meets a boy. A girl who wasn’t in the habit of falling in love, until her heart bloomed like a thousand red roses with the scent of citrus, spice, and sweet fruit, surrounded by a dreamy and exhilarating melody of love. Until ... that day that can’t be undone. On that day of the wish that can’t be unwished. And that moment in time ... when she learned the truth.

Mirror. Mirror. Two mirrors. Two of me. Who am I?


  • Meniere's Disease is in Chapters 6, 11, 16, 23 of the novel, as well as in the end pages 'Behind the Story.'
  • Scarlett is a character with a cochlear implant and is trialling hearing cell regrowth in her other ear. 



All the Colours Above by Amelia Grace

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