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A Beautiful Heart Quadrilogy by Amelia Grace
Upper Young Adult/New Adult contemporary romance

Never Forget

Ben placed his hand onto my bare shoulder; his skin touching mine. My breath hitched. I felt like I had awakened from the sleep of a hundred years.

I had worked so hard to forget him—the way his cerulean eyes would drink me in, swallow me, and coat me in love that moved through me and around me. I had worked so hard to forget his lips and they way they caressed mine, lighting every cell of my being, making my body hum. I had worked so hard to forget his smell—jasmine, musk, oak moss and sandalwood—and the way he moved, the way he made me feel when his voice caressed each letter of my name.

He moved his lips to mine and kissed me with a new depth of love, with such emotion that it almost broke my heart. My lavender rose heart faced its sun and exploded into bloom, infusing my life force with an intense floral fruity fragrance.

This is the way we were.
Deeply in love.
Deeply connected.
Deeply needing the other like the air we needed to breath.

'Cate.' His voice vibrated in perfect harmony with my soul and sang to my lavender rose heart like a summer rain quenching the parched earth.

I sucked in a shuddering breath. The first time I saw him my heart whispered, he's the one…
Our love - tender, pure, sensual, eternal, passionate, stormy, unpredictable, heartbreaking.
Love isn't meant to be like this. Is it? If it is, it will destroy us…
I don't want to say goodbye.

Never Forget

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