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Cinnamon Stevens - Crime Buster
by Pauline Hosking

Becki vanished from our Year 7 camp last night.
Went missing. Completely disappeared.
It’s up to me, Cinnamon Stevens, to solve the mystery.

Only one small prob. Becki and I shared a tent and I have absolutely no idea what’s happened to her.

(Note to self: May need to improve powers of observation if serious about becoming a super sleuth crime buster!)

What's being said about Cinnamon Stevens - Crime Buster ...

This is a REALLY good book. One of the reasons I liked it was that the police said that Becki had been found but Cinnamon did not believe it!’ Coco (aged 11)

‘Awesome! I loved Cinnamon and her friends and can’t wait
for their next story.’ Samantha (aged 12)

This is a sparkly book!’ Sophie (aged 10)

Cinnamon Stevens - Crime Buster by Pauline Hosking

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