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Emblem of Remembrance

Book 2 in the Willowbank Series


Compelled to perform or incentive to trust?

Catherine Nicolson’s choice to flee from her home led to her shunning. Having compromised her values and forfeited her inheritance, she finds herself living in impoverished circumstances. Her stepfather, not satisfied to be rid of her from under his roof, refuses to allow her to make connection with her mother. To make matters worse, he wants her silenced because she knows of his illegal enterprise. Her one valuable possession, a gold oak-leaf brooch, a gift from her mother, is stolen, the loss exacerbating her angst. Catherine desperately wants to make amends and be reconciled with her family. Can she prove to her family she is sorry and worthy of their acceptance? Catherine agonizes regarding her failings, determining to absolve her guilt by immersing herself in charity work, but when tragedy strikes, her distress escalates. Will she find peace by burying herself in work, or will she discover another way?


Victoria Carnell is an Australian author who writes historical romance.She derives satisfaction in the evolution of her character’s dynamic relationships and their processes for resolving life’s dilemmas. Victoria has worked in the fields of management and education and has spent many years serving others from all walks of life. 

Emblem of Remembrance
Book Two in the Willowbank Series

Emblem of Remembrance by Victoria Carnell

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