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When Cinnamon's Year 7 class has an excursion to the old gold-mining town of Walhalla in Gippsland, trouble-maker Showy Daniels dares Cinnamon to visit the out-of-bounds graveyard at night. It's a dangerous place. Showy ends up unconscious with a wound to the back of his head. His friends blame Meera, one of Cinnamon's besties, for the 'accident.'

To stop Meera being bullied Cinnamon must discover exactly what happened to Showy AND solve the mystery of a haunted theatre.


This is the second in a fun adventure/crime series about a twelve-year old sleuth who lives in the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne. The first book Cinnamon Stevens - Crime Buster was favourably reviewed online and in Magpies magazine.

It was added to the Premiers Reading Challenge Booklist in 2017.

Both Cinnamon's adventures are illustrated by Kat Chadwick. Available as a paperback and ebook, they are suitable for readers 9-12 years.

Ghost Light by Pauline Hosking

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