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A Beautiful Heart Quadrilogy Book 2
by Amelia Grace

Upper New Adult/Young Adult

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I gazed into Ben’s smoldering cerulean eyes. My heart opened like a lavender rosebud to the morning light, infusing my life force with a floral, delicate and luminous fragrance. How could I not remember how beautiful he was—is. My breath hitched. He had returned for me, with whisperings of love and promises of devotion and to be wholly present, his touch resonating in perfect harmony with my being, making my heart hammer against my ribs.

My heart told me to absorb every single ray of his pure love like spring flower petals opening and stretching and reaching for its sun. But my mind was guarded. Matters of the heart must also be matters of the mind…

I should have run. Far away.

I should have protected my heart. From him. Could the sensual lips that had sung love to me like poetry to my soul be the same lips that would scorch me with betrayal? Were his words truth, or a lie? None of it made sense. And in the end, who had betrayed who?

They say hearts heal, with time ... but, you never forget.
They say minds strengthen, during the storm ... and that’s where my dreams changed - to protect my heart.

I should have run. Far away...


Say Something

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