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It Will Change Your Life

A Cochlear Implant Journey


Julieann Wallace


My Hearing Addiction


Emotional. Informative. Inspiring. 


Julieann Wallace has shared her cochlear implant story after many requests for her to write her journey as a book. She has become an influencer in Meniere’s groups with her triumph over Meniere’s disease, and now her cochlear implant success.


‘I’m filled with so much doubt. I am choosing to get a cochlear implant. Am I allowed to choose? Or should I just accept my fate that I will remain without hearing for the length of my days, auditory colour disappearing from my life. People keep telling me that a cochlear implant will change my life. Could it be true?’


This is Julieann’s journey to hearing again. Her heart story. Her fears. Her anxieties. Her questioning. Her appointments. Her reactions. Her debilitating Meniere’s Disease. Her success. Her hearing addiction.  




It Will Change Your Life by Julieann Wallace

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