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Meniere's Woman 

When life gives you lemons ...


by Julieann Wallace (request a signed copy at checkout)


Insightful. Practical. Real.


It’s time to have a Ménière’s disease book written by a woman!


Researchers have uncovered countless ways in which women’s and men’s bodies react differently to the same diseases, due to our hormones. There is A LOT that female bodies to go through during a hormonal cycle, a stark contrast to the experience of the male body.


Welcome to Ménière’s Woman.

A book that dares to enter into the zone where no male Ménière’s disease author will venture.


Grab a seat, and a cup of tea or coffee, and hit the pages of this full colour book. Let’s explore our Secret Women’s Business. There’s a 12 month period and Ménière’s disease symptom tracker, research and discussions about Ménière’s disease and pregnancy, welcoming the new baby and medication, looking after kids, perimenopause, menopause, Ménière’s disease burnout, tinnitus, hearing loss, healing from Ménière’s trauma, as well as Ménière’s disease treatments, a Ménière’s management plan, mindset, anxiety, self-care, and more.


It’s time to honour us. Women with Ménière’s disease.


Profits donated to Ménière’s disease research.

Ménière’s Woman ~ when life gives you lemons

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