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The Author's Apprentice 

A Narrative Writing Toolkit for writers 7-9- years


Stories are vitally important to our way of life. Learn how to write like an author as you journey through the pages of 'The Author’s Apprentice', unpacking the tools authors use to create stories that leave a lasting impression. Ideal as a student workbook, or for anyone who would like to know the author code of writing a book.


The Author’s Apprentice includes: The Author’s Secret Weapon; The Story Recipe; To Plan or Not to Plan; Creating an Imaginary World; Character Profile; The Heart of Writing; A Story Plan; An Illustrated Story Plan; Show, Don’t Tell; Writing Checklist; Frequently Asked Questions; Author Bingo; Author Wordsearch; Author Toolkit and background about story telling. 

Aspiring Writers - Use this narrative writing toolkit as you need, moving through the pages as it suits you and the stage of your writing and your experience. Some pages may reinforce what you already know, or remind you of a strategy to use in your writing. Some pages may give you an ‘a-ha’ moment, giving you that edge that your writing needs to make your story complete.


Teachers – This narrative writing toolkit is designed to assist student writing by guiding them through the tools narrative authors use to write powerfully and effectively. You can either go in order of the pages, or choose the pages you would like to focus on for particular lessons. When using this workbook, if you start at the front of the book, when you arrive at page 9, you will need to go to the back of the book - for the students’ amusement.

The Author's Apprentice: A Narrative Writing Toolkit for writers 7 - 9

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