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If you would like a no-nonsense approach to fitness and health that guides you past the gobbledygook and gets straight to the
point, then check out 'The Gym Junkie’s Guide to Poetry'.

It’s an easy to read, entertaining and insightful interpretation of the perks and pitfalls of the fitness world guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and revelation to your soul! From squats to stanzas, from poetry to push-ups, you’ll find the reason in the rhyme as you feast on this fine array of humour,knowledge and wisdom from one of Australia’s Leading Fitness Professionals.

A take anywhere book suitable for the gym lovers or the gym shy person. Don’t be fooled, if you have a body, then you can benefit from a little coaxing from the sidelines. Let ‘The Gym Junkie’s Guide to Poetry’ help power your world today!

The Gym Junkie's Guide to Poetry

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