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The Virgin Chicken
Adventures of a Travelling Rural Surgeon

by Richard Arnot

Richard Arnot has lived one of those lives that seem to catapult fact into the realm of fiction. He has sailed to Antarctica and remote Pacific Islands, and flown a small aircraft to the far flung corners of Australia. He's been hijacked by a gang of thieves in Italy, and sentenced to imprisonment in an Arab jail.

Now, after fifty years as a doctor and surgeon, and with more than his fair share of dramatic incidents, international intrigue, medical stories and life experience to draw on, Richard has penned his Australian life as a doctor and surgeon in The Virgin Chicken - Adventures of a Travelling Rural Surgeon.

Through humorous and charming anecdotes, Richard recounts his adventures of life as a rural surgeon, from challenges, litigation and potential disbandment, to performing new and exciting medical procedures and forging lifelong connections. Discover the personal and often unspoken side to surgical practice, as Richard navigates the high seas, the skies and life as a rural surgeon.

The Virgin Chicken

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