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Toilet Paper ~ Just Roll With It

Created by Ms Bottomly


In Memory of the Great Toilet Paper Hoarding, aka, Toilet Paper Survivor,

in the Year of COVID-19, 2020


72 pages of cool, interesting, strange, challenging and sometimes creative toilet paper activities to do during the Great School Closure of 2020.


These activities were created with humour so you can have some fun whilst in lockdown, isolation, or self-isolating during the Great School Closure of 2020.


Kids, remember to get permission to use any toilet rolls for the acitivities.
Grown-ups - if you don’t know what to do, ask your child. 


P.S. No toilet rolls were hurt, injured, or destroyed during production of these activities. They tried to do social distancing whilst engaged in the activities, however, failed.


Proceeds from sales will be donated to help others in this time of challenge in history.

Stay Kind.


Pay it forward - purchase Toilet Paper - Just Roll With It, and gift it to someone else.


Also suitable for adults - it you are game. Careful - there's some mathematics involved!








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