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Historical Romance


Duty’s demand or heart’s call?
In early nineteenth-century Tasmania, Catherine Nicolson enjoyed the privileged lifestyle on the grand estate of Willowbank. Inspired by her grandmother Kate, she possesses a deep-rooted compassion for those less fortunate. When her idyllic life is shattered by unexpected tragedy, Catherine’s circumstance becomes diffi cult and precarious, and she wishes to escape its drudgery and danger. She is torn between two choices. Should she follow her heart, marry for love, and risk her place in society? Or should she marry well, pleasing her family and securing the means to fulfi l her life-long desire to help the ‘Ordinary Folk’? Will Catherine pursue intimacy, or seize convenience? What path will she choose, and where will her faith and choices lead her? 


Victoria Carnell is an Australian author who writes historical romance. She derives satisfaction in the  volution of her character’s dynamic relationships and their processes for resolving life’s dilemmas. Victoria has worked in the fi elds of management and education and has spent many years serving others from all walks of life.

Call of the Wattlebird
Book One in the Willowbank Series



Call of the Wattlebird by Victoria Carnell

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