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NAKED I STAND: The Healing Journey - Workbook
By Christine Wren James

NAKED I Stand: The Healing Journey - The Workbook, which accompanies "Naked I Stand: the Healing Journey", is a must-read for all those on a healing pilgrimage. This is Christine's most intimate book to date. She writes intuitively and with raw honesty about the sensitive topics of sexual brokenness, domestic violence, co-dependency and emotional autism, much of it based, sadly, on personal experience, but joyously and incredibly about healing and total breakthrough. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it's not the train coming the other way! We all have broken areas in our lives and if we are honest, God is waiting to pour Himself into our wounds. We are deeply loved even in our struggle. If you need a book with answers and break-through prayer ministry, this is the book for you. This Workbook is an easy-to-use-resource book of ten sessions, using creative activations of art, writing and collage building, as well as prayer and discussion to bring complete breakthrough and healing for those wanting to facilitate or attend a sexual abuse recovery course.


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