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Colour illustrations!


The Adventures of ...

Captain Vertigo ... & Fart Man 

by Jules Wallace


Get ready to experience a thrilling adventure with Captain Vertigo, the hero with a unique set of superpowers that will leave you dizzy with excitement! With the ability to induce vertigo in his enemies, hear the faintest of sounds with his cyborg hearing, and unleash tinnitus to disorient his foes, Captain Vertigo is a force to be reckoned with. Meet his sidekicks, the adorable Vincent Van-go, the Super Sausage Dog and Claude Monet, the cat known as the Masked Math Whisperer. Pets that invited themselves into his life. And then there's the sidekick nobody wants, but even the mightiest of heroes needs, Fart Man - the perfect comic relief to this action-packed story. Join these unlikely friends as they fight against evil and protect the world from harm in this thrilling superhero tale! 

Captain Vertigo ... and Fart Man

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