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“This delightful picture book explores the notion of how to be a strong boy.
Rather than just using physical strength that often hurts others sometimes
accidentally, Max learns better ways of being strong using his mind and his
words. This is such an important message to share with all young children.”
Maggie Dent, parenting author, educator and resilience specialist


The Strongest Boy addresses the powerful topic of toxic masculinity in a subtle, yet engaging way for young readers.


The Strongest Boy

by Renee Irving Lee


Max believes he is the strongest boy in the world! He can do all sorts of tough tricks, like showing off his strong muscles, jumping off furniture, pushing people over and even breaking things. His cheeky pet bird, Bruce, tells him just how strong he is too. One day, they both go to a birthday party, and Max thinks he is the strongest, mightiest, coolest kid there. But why was everyone mad at him?


Follow Max and Bruce as they learn what it truly means to be a “strong male in today’s world”.


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The Strongest Boy by Renee Irving Lee - hardcover

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