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True Journey From Within ~ The Englishman With Fibromyalgia
Life Before & Life Now

by Shayne E Town

Fibromyalgia changed Shayne’s life. Journey through his story to see how fibromyalgia started and how living with the condition has affected his life. It is a cruel and debilitating illness that causes devastation to a person’s life and dreams, not just Shayne’s, but millions of people around the world. He declares that he will never give up fighting fibromyalgia, as there is so much more to experience in life.

From Within, written by Shayne Town is a fantastic book that takes you through his journey from pre-diagnosis days, to getting diagnosed, to living with Fibromyalgia on a daily basis. Diagnosis can be a very frightening time, and being told you have an incurable illness with no effective treatments, which can lead to a very lonely and often isolated time, can take some time to come to terms with. Shayne’s book is an open and wonderfully honest account which contains many self-help tips that those who are newly diagnosed may want to consider trying in their self-help management. This book also contains many life stories of other fibromyalgia sufferers. From Within is a very well written and concise book to recommend to those just starting out on their fibromyalgia journey - The Fibroduck Foundation.

True Journey From Within contains a comprehensive list of useful UK addresses where you will find information about fibromyalgia as well as support from these professional organisations. Shayne has also included Social Media Support Groups where you can connect with others with fibromyalgia.

The royalties made from this book will all go to fund “Fibroduck Foundation” for research to help find a much needed cure.

Please leave your name and full address in block capitals within PayPal, so Shayne knows where to post the book.

True Journey From Within - Postage outside UK

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